Monday, November 14, 2016

NCAA Tournament Bracket: Summary and Thoughts

Looking back over my analyses of the Committee's at large selection decisions, the first thing I note is that my bracket simulation program matched the Committee's decisions with one exception.  Here is what the program came up with:

In clearly:  Iowa State

In but possibly out:  Texas Tech, NC State, Michigan, and Oklahoma State

Out but possibly in:  DePaul, Texas A&M, Loyola Marymount, Virginia Tech

The only difference between this and the Committee's decisions is that the Committee put Texas A&M in and Iowa State out.

I haven't done detailed analyses of NC State and Michigan because no one has raised serious objections about their having received at large selections.

Following my analyses, it still looks to me like Iowa State should have gotten an at large selection, in which case it also looks like Oklahoma State would have been out.  I'd say it looks to me like the Committee erred on that one.

Regarding all the other Committee decisions, based on the data and the history of how the Committee has applied the criteria to the data, I don't see any Committee decisions that were improper.  They could have made different decisions that also would have been proper, but the ones they made were within the discretion allowed them by the rules.

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